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Airport Cargo Community System – Eliminating Physical Documentation with focus on Sustainability
Observing the Key Challenges in Airport Communities
Airports play a pivotal role in the movement of cargo by air. Air Cargo represents over 35 percent of global trade by value and is expected to be worth US$130.12 billion by 2025. But the industry continues to face significant challenges, such as legacy systems, fallen global trade volumes, global economic activity, and weakening consumer confidence. All these indicate a roadblock for leveraging the 100 percent potential.

However, the market is believed to grow owing to various factors such as a strong demand for manufacturing exports and increased penetration of advanced technologies in the value chain. In addition to this, the growth rate in the e-commerce sector is believed to reinforce the growth prospects of the market studied, over the forecast period.
Airport Cargo Community System – The One-Stop Solution

The Air Cargo industry has gained more prominence in the recent past due to the growing demand for rapid requirement for cargo at the destination in a record short time. However, the pressure of physical documentation at each level and this calls for a 360 degree process and functional transformation. IATA says each air cargo shipment on average carries around 30 types of documents and well over 100 copies thus resulting into significant documentation overheads, increased dwell times and supply chain opaqueness. Moreover, an airport cargo community system is enriched with air cargo trace & tracking that encourages communication among stakeholders in the land side and air side. This transparent approach for air cargo trace & tracking gives no room for error as well as no scope for cargo loss/theft.

The Catalyst to Improve Ease of Doing Business

An Airport Cargo Community System (ACS) is a pioneering cloud based initiative to unify all stakeholders in a single window. This single system collects, converts, and disseminates digital data about shipments via integration and interface to all stakeholders. Thereby retaining existing systems and maintaining data harmonization. ACS offers an end-to-end air cargo trace & tracking application that shares real time status updates in a common portal to all stakeholders, the emphasis on security is even higher. Moreover, abandoned cargo is quickly given attention by the stakeholder in close proximity. Therefore with an air cargo trace & tracking application, security is a default perspective for all stakeholders.

Developing a Globally Accepted Airport Cargo Community System

Airport Cargo Community System (ACS) is a single window electronic platform for all stakeholders of the air cargo value chain to interact with each other digitally. Hence it eliminates unnecessary documentation, delays, opaqueness of supply chain and improving ease of doing business for the air cargo sector. Also, the Airport Cargo Community System built by Kale is on globally accepted tech standards. This community platform seamlessly connects Airport, Cargo Ground Handlers, Transporters, Freight Forwarders, Customs Brokers, Airlines, Importer/Exporters and Customs on a common cloud-based IT platform. Also, this system is targeted towards helping the supply chain participant overcome the pain areas of interaction with other partners in the supply chain.



Combating Airport truck Congestion with Truck Slot Management


Major airports today face challenges in terms of truck congestion that results due to lack of visibility of expected cargo and vehicles to the handlers. Manual intervention and document processing further affects the efficiency and the time consumed in cargo handling. Truck Slot Management offering from Airport Cargo Community System (ACS) focuses on building a digital backbone for the air cargo industry by reducing paper handling, enabling efficient resource planning, faster processing of cargo and in turn increasing throughput of the existing warehouse. Moreover, a cargo community system is also enriched with an air cargo trace & tracking that module can offer end-to-end visibility of freight movement within and outside the airport cargo environment.


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Unique Functional Capabilities


Electronic Air Waybill (e-AWB) to capture and amend AWB’s

Truck Slot & Dock Management Provision to configure slots and docks

lectronic Delivery Order (e-DO) to Generate airline Deliver Order (DO)

e-Manifest Filing

e-Payment to make payments through the portal

Business Benefits

Overcome Truck Congestion

Improve Operational Efficiency

Achieve Sustainability Goals

Real-Time Visibility

Reduce Data Redundancies

Thought Leadership

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Client Speaks

Airport Cargo Community System well streamlines movement of cargo and information in a lucid manner. This means, a disconnected air cargo industry can be well connected, and a proper communication can be facilitated among all stakeholders, says Amar More, CEO of Kale Logistics Solutions.

A study by Kale Info Solutions on the impact of digitisation at Atlanta Airport, Georgia, USA, has demonstrated CO2 and fuel savings, and reduced labour costs, and close to 2,000 man-hours saved. The Atlanta Airport Community saved nine tonnes of CO2 since the beginning of 2021 which is planting more than 400 trees.

“The AMAXTM platform has put an end to the current manual processes, multiple data entries and improved transparency in the supply chain. The resultant efficiency is in turn providing tangible savings in both time and money.” – 
Manoj Singh, Senior Vice President & Head – Cargo at Mumbai International Airport